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Islam and religions Dialogue Forum in Lebanon
04 Oct 2017
The Arab African Economic Forum in Jordan
04 Oct 2017
Arab African International Investment Forum
Beyond Food & Agriculture
03 Feb 2020
Why Choose IECO ?
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Multiple Events

We create and develop large-scale events such as conferences, conventions, concerts, trade fairs, festivals and celebrations.


Planning, organizing and managing events "before, during and after the event"


For faster processing, make your payment online. Set up a payment account that will be associated with your credit

multilingual support

This service is intended for multicultural and multilingual audiences because it is not possible to ignore groups that do not speak the language on which the event is based.


IECO organizes international events and conferences with the latest technology and attention to detail

professional staff

Employees are the lifeline of any business; we all know that so we hire the best professional staff just for you

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